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mainstreet • 11/22/2022 5:58:50 PM

Cresco Labs' acquisition of Columbia Care is pending, but that didn't stop Sean 'Diddy' Combs from spending nine figures on the whole company.

Seeking Alpha • 11/22/2022 1:44:03 PM

Leafbuyer Technologies signs deal with three cannabis operators

mainstreet • 11/15/2022 10:23:34 PM

A new study raises some questions about the conventional wisdom surrounding inhaled cannabis.

Seeking Alpha • 11/15/2022 11:35:58 AM

Vivo Cannabis reports Q3 results

Seeking Alpha • 11/14/2022 1:27:39 PM

IM Cannabis GAAP EPS of -C$0.06, revenue of C$14.17M

Seeking Alpha • 11/14/2022 12:46:31 PM

Auxly Cannabis GAAP EPS of -C$0.07, revenue of C$19.83M

mainstreet • 11/11/2022 6:48:47 PM

There are now 21 states (as well as the District of Columbia) where recreational marijuana is legal.

Seeking Alpha • 11/11/2022 4:56:43 PM

Aurora Cannabis leads cannabis stocks higher after Q1 results | Stock Market Quotes & Financial News • 11/10/2022 11:46:12 AM

Trulieve Cannabis Corp PT Lowered to $51 at Cantor Fitzgerald

Seeking Alpha • 11/9/2022 9:31:01 PM

Trulieve Cannabis Non-GAAP EPS of $0.02 beats by $0.05, revenue of $300.79M misses by $6.5M

the420times • 11/2/2022 10:16:55 AM

Cannabis has been valued for its medicinal and recreational potential for hundreds of years. However, thanks to recent technological advances, cannabis has begun to be researched for its many other potential uses. THCA isolate is one of the most interesting cannabinoids out there. It’s a derivative of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that has […]The post What Is Known About THCA Isolate appeared first on Marijuana & Cannabis News - The 420 Times. | Stock Market Quotes & Financial News • 11/1/2022 10:25:10 AM

Trulieve Cannabis Corp PT Lowered to $18 at Seaport Global Securities

the420times • 11/1/2022 7:24:13 AM

State medical marijuana laws instruct that in those jurisdictions where it allows it, an individual needs a formal recommendation from a qualified doctor to obtain medicinal marijuana. Each state has a unique set of requirements. A qualifying illness must exist to utilize medicinal marijuana. According to the medical cannabis laws, a person might also need […]The post Benefits Of Medical Marijuana: A Complete Guide appeared first on Marijuana & Cannabis News - The 420 Times.

the420times • 11/1/2022 7:17:46 AM

More than half of the US states, the District of Columbia, and four out of five US territories have legalized medical marijuana or adult-use weed. However, most of them violate a key federal drug law. From cloth production to recreational smoking, marijuana has been used in several ways, mostly unregulated, throughout United States history. Beginning […]The post Why Is Weed Illegal? – Complex Preemption Conflict Between Federal and State Laws appeared first on Marijuana & Cannabis News - The 420 Times.

the420times • 10/29/2022 10:48:13 AM

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that is found in cannabis plants. Unlike THC, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects. This means that it does not make you feel “high.” CBD has been shown to have many benefits, including reducing anxiety and inflammation, as well as treating seizures and other neurological disorders. In this […]The post What is CBD and What are Its Benefits? appeared first on Marijuana & Cannabis News - The 420 Times.

mainstreet • 10/28/2022 7:35:59 PM

A judge in one state this week said that classifying marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug was unconstitutional.

mainstreet • 10/26/2022 10:33:41 PM

Constellation Brands still holds a big stake in Canopy Growth, but the beer and spirits maker is disentangling itself from the Canadian cannabis company.

mainstreet • 10/26/2022 9:13:35 PM

A lawsuit charges that a company overcharged for weed that would supposedly 'transport you to Mars faster than Elon Musk.'

mainstreet • 10/26/2022 7:43:46 PM

Marijuana could become legal in major European market as soon as 2023.

Seeking Alpha • 10/25/2022 3:50:34 PM

Cannabis stocks on the rise following Canopy Growth, Acreage deal

Seeking Alpha • 10/24/2022 9:21:20 PM

U.S. SEC charges cannabis firm Cronos, its former executive with accounting fraud | Stock Market Quotes & Financial News • 10/24/2022 9:05:46 PM

U.S. SEC charges cannabis firm Cronos, former exec with accounting fraud

mainstreet • 10/20/2022 7:17:14 PM

Put it back in! The legislation to legalize cannabis in Germany isn't done yet.

MarketWatch • 10/20/2022 3:37:21 PM

Leafly Inc. is eliminating about a fifth of its jobs as it moves to generate cost savings. The cannabis marketplace said it's cutting 56 positions, or 21% of its workforce, through layoffs and attrition. Leafly will book a $500,000 charge in the fourth quarter for expenses related to the move. The company said it's lowering its cost projections by $16 million in 2023 as result of the head count reduction and other moves. Chief Operating Officer Sam Martin will leave the company on Dec. 31. Leafly is projecting third-quarter revenue of $11.8 million. Analysts currently expect Leafly to lose 18...

the420times • 10/20/2022 1:14:07 PM

Marijuana bongs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Straight tube pipes, for example, are simple to use. They have a mouthpiece at one end and a bowl at the bottom. Beaker bongs and pipes, on the other hand, are much larger and self-explanatory. Beaker pipes also come in a variety of different sizes. […]The post A Bong For Every Occasion – Beaker, Spoon, & More appeared first on Marijuana & Cannabis News - The 420 Times.