Stoners Accused of Being Lazy Love to Get High and Clean!

The lazy stoner trope is so tired. It feels like a bad (but okay, if you know what I mean) ‘90s stoner movie where the guys who smoke are dumb college dropouts. If you’re a current cannabis user, you know that is so not the case. Sure, everyone likes to sit on their couch, spark up, and not move for a couple of hours. But regular cannabis users are just as productive as anyone else! Sometimes, even more so.


I’d like to challenge anyone who thinks that stoners are lazy to take a hit of some Sativa and gear up for a day of chores around the house. I’m not saying that I love to clean my house, but a little bit of that Sativa goes a long way on those days when dishes have piled up, the bathroom needs cleaning, and laundry has got to get done. And honestly, what else are we doing this summer? Everything’s closed (thanks, corona), so we might as well make our home our sanctuary!


Prep your workstation

Okay, so we’ve busted the lazy stoner stereotype, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t a bit… forgetful. If you’re going to get high and clean your house, you’ve got to get all of your supplies at the ready. Locate your sponges, towels, cleaning sprays, what have you. You don’t want to go looking for them and get distracted by reorganizing a drawer for 20 minutes (although that’s still productive, so go on with your bad self.


Get the playlist ready

Add some songs to dance to, some songs to sing to, and some songs to just vibe. Whatever music that’s going to keep you moving and motivated to clean your house! You can turn cleaning while high into a little karaoke session or dance party. We won’t tell anyone!


The best strains for cleaning while high

I know we’ve already covered Sativa, but let’s talk specifics. Here are the best strains for cleaning while high:

·      Sour Diesel – provides a positive and energetic high

·      Durban Poison – helps give you clarity and focus.

·      Jack Herer – this strain helps give you a clear and creative mind.

·      Super Lemon Haze – lemon is super energizing.

·      Sour Tangie – perfect for finding creative solutions to your organizational problems.


Don’t forget your canna-collection!

Ride this high to your smoking spot and take a look at all your gear. When was the last time you gave everything a deep clean? Revamp all of your accessories by making them look like new again (or as close to it), fluff the pillows, and wipe the tables. Make that area the perfect spot to plop down after a long day of cleaning your house high, spark up, and relax.

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