How to Avoid Getting Too High on Edibles

And what to do if you eat too many cannabis-infused snacks

We’ve all heard the story – a seemingly innocent treat infused with cannabis leads to hours of warped reality, full-body discomfort, or, in extreme cases, a hilarious 911 call. Getting too high from edibles is enough to make you never want to eat one again (unless you’re someone who never learns from their mistakes, but hey, we don’t judge!), so learning the right way to eat an edible is super important. Cannabis is here to enhance our life experiences and heal us from the inside out, so don’t bite off more than you can chew (literally) and scare yourself off before you get the chance to enjoy it.


Low and slow

Start with a low THC dosage, especially if it’s your first time taking edibles. This point cannot be stressed enough! As a good rule of thumb, don’t ingest more than 5 milligrams of THC per hour. If you’re feeling good at the end of the hour but want to feel better, go ahead and have another dose. Just don’t get ahead of yourself, or you might end up feeling sick!


It’s never a good idea to take an edible that isn’t labeled. You know, like those pot brownies that your friend made and brought over? That’s a surefire way to end up with an edible horror story of your own to tell. 


Eat real food beforehand

If you’ve got the munchies and you find yourself with a bag of cannabis-infused granola, chances are you’re going to eat the whole bag. An hour later, you’re going to be moving in slow motion, completely unable to catch up with the world around you! Consuming too much THC in one sitting without realizing it can lead to 24-hour highs. We’re not kidding!


If you overconsume cannabis edibles…

You’re not going to die, and you don’t need to call 911! Most people just get way too in their head and convince themselves that something horrible is happening when in reality, they’re just lying on their kitchen floor, unable to move. Honestly, there might not be a safer place for you to be if that’s the position you find yourself.

The best way to make yourself feel better after a hefty dose of edibles is to get to a comfortable spot, maybe call someone you know and trust, (or have them come over) and remind yourself that everything is going to be okay! Sometimes, all you need is a hilarious movie and some snacks, and your legs will be working again in no time.

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