Can you smoke old, dried out weed?


Have you ever been cleaning your room, and you found a treasure that you loved and completely forgot? If you’re an avid marijuana consumer, you might occasionally find the treasure of a long-forgotten weed baggie and feel the sensation of joy until you light it up and hack your lungs out.


The truth is while discovering the lost treasure of marijuana is thrilling, smoking old and dried out bud is just bad news. It’s rough on your lungs and throat, burns unevenly, and offers a pretty disappointing high.


Hope is not entirely lost, though! All you need is to know a few hacks for rehydrating weed, and you’ll be able to sit back, light it up and bask in the glory of your unexpected – but warmly welcomed – smoke sesh.


Rehydrating overdried marijuana – a theory

The theory behind rehydrating overdried marijuana – or any herb is that by placing a dry substance and a moist material together in a sealed environment, you will create a micro-climate in which moisture transfers from one substance to the other. This theory of moisture is the same as that of energy in which the moisture will transfer from the substance with a high moisture concentration to the material with a low moisture concentration, effectively rehydrating it.


It’s like that age-old trick of placing a slice of bread in the cookie jar to prevent your treats from getting hard and gross!


Hacks to rehydrate old weed

First of all, when you’re rehydrating weed, make sure you always use distilled water. Distilled water doesn’t have any of the minerals that regular bottled or tap water has so it won’t impede on the quality of your herb. 

Fruit Peels

Using fruit peels to rehydrate marijuana is fun because your bud is left with a slight hint of fruity flavor. The best fruits to use are citrus (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit…), but you can use any ol’ fruit peels you have lying around

Terracotta discs

You can find these in the garden center of pretty much any hardware or big box store. Terracotta is typically used to make pots for plants because the material is so great at holding water and keeping the soil moist. Place a small, moist terracotta disc in a sealed bag with your bud and wait a few hours for the magic to happen.


Fresh herbs

You can use fresh herbs (not marijuana!) to bring your dried-out grass back to life. If you use a fragrant herb like mint, rosemary, or basil, you might be able to taste those flavors when you light up your rehydrated weed.


There are lots of vegetables that have pretty high water content (cucumbers, celery, lettuce, etc.), so they are an excellent option for rehydrating old weed! If you have any of these veggies lying around, you might be closer to your next high than you think.

Always remember to keep your bud stored in an airtight container and try to put it in a place where you won’t lose it! Since stoners tend to be prone to losing things (whoops!), knowing how to revive old weed will come in handy.

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