Movies, Munchies, and Cannabis; the Perfect Pairing

After a long and incredibly hectic day, sometimes all you want to do is get comfy, hang out with some friends (or not), smoke some heady herb, watch a movie, eat a few choice snacks, and relax. Even if your day wasn’t hectic, there’s nothing better than some chill time to make everything seem so much better. For many of us, the world is such a crazy place right now, so a little break from reality is just what we need; and a movie and some munchies provide exactly the therapy we all crave.

You know what they say…Netflix and chill. After all, a little escapism    never hurt anyone, did it?


Nope, I didn't think so. 

If you are like many of us, a perfect end to a long day is walking through the door and seeing a packed bowl or a pre-roll waiting for us on the table. Those mouthwatering flavors and that thick, juicy smoke makes everything seem just a bit better, no matter what.

Once those dank herbs start working, it’s time to pick some snacks and choose the perfect movie. If you like sativas like Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, or some of that sticky Purple Haze, which we all know offer more of a get-up-and-shake-your-groove-thing kind of feeling, you might want to choose something that will keep you laughing, like Half Baked or Pineapple Express. Those are two movies that are guaranteed to make anyone laugh, canna lover or not! 

After you pop in either of these movies, be sure to have your pre-rolls ready and some tasty snacks to go along with the event. A delicious pizza--maybe a pineapple pizza--is a perfect pairing for these silly romps. Grab a slice, find a seat, and light it up. 

I don’t know about you, but when that wave hits, sometimes I just can’t wipe a smile off of my face. Those times call for something silly, something that just makes us all feel good. Even if you’re are feeling waaaay up, a movie and some snacks can be a completely enjoyable experience that is fun to share with some friends. And when you pick the perfect movie for the occasion, it's a home run. 

An all-time favorite for many people is the classic movie, The Big Lebowski. Hands down, this is a movie that will keep you entertained and almost falling off the couch because you’ll be laughing so hard. I mean, come on! Some of the lines in that movie will have you rolling on the floor! For this one, you’ll want to have some delicious snacks like your choice of chips, dips, and candy…oh and a white Russian, of course.

As Jeff Bridges, who plays Jeffrey "the Dude" Lebowski, says, "The Dude abides, man..." Sounds like we all could learn a lot from the Dude, couldn't we?

Maybe you're in the mood for something a bit deeper, a bit more dank. Perhaps you'd rather grab some indica, like MK Ultra, Critical Kush, or Northern Lights and sink down into the cushions of your couch. 

If you're looking for a super chill experience, why not pop on something epic, like the multi-episode, super trippy BBC series, Planet Earth? Between the narrator's voice, the brilliant colors and all the drama of the natural world, you won't be able to tear your eyes away from the screen!

While the rest of your body melts into a puddle, your brain will thoroughly enjoy the stimulating effects of any beautiful, technicolor, dreamy movie like Star Wars, Iron Man, or Justice League. Even though your body might be loose and heavy, your brain will enjoy the special effects, the sounds, and the colors of these blockbuster hits. 

If you get hungry while you're watching, cut yourself (or have someone do it for you) a big slice of rich, sweet chocolate cake. The flavor and consistency will leave you dying for another bite...and another...and you might just end up eating the whole thing with your hands!

Whatever you do, whether solo or with friends, pairing movies with herb is always a good time. Whether you choose a sativa strain that will make you want to stay up all night watching B-rated horror movies and gobbling candy and chips, or you go for a more heady indica and pair it with some rich, sweet, or savory snacks and a long and epic movie, you're destined for a good night.

So, grab your stash, whip up some snacks, pick a movie, and invite a few friends over. Once that herb starts making the rounds, you'll be in for an evening of oooooohs  and aaaaaahhhhs. No matter what, you'll have a blast!

Written by: Leslie M.G. • Wednesday, January 31, 2018

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